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Early Maths

Babies and young children begin to learn about maths through exploring and having fun with numbers and other maths ideas as part of their play and everyday activities.

Maths is everywhere!

As adults, we use maths every day – and not only for doing sums. Just by preparing a dinner of fish fingers, rice and peas you are overcoming several mathematical challenges:

  •  counting how many fish fingers you need to feed everyone
  •  judging distances and being aware of the space around you when reaching accurately for the rice on the top shelf
  •  reading the instructions for cooking rice, then weighing it, measuring the water and choosing an appropriate sized jug, saucepan and lid
  •  checking how long the peas take to cook and doing things the correct order so that dinner is ready on time
  •  matching knives, forks and spoons when you lay the table.

Remember Maths does haven’t have to be difficult! It’s all around us and you are never to young to start noticing…

You can download the handouts and information that supported our Early Maths topic here:

Exploring Early Maths

Maths in Everyday Routines

Maths in books, toys and games

Maths in songs and rhymes

Activity Sheets:

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Find out more about ORIM – Opportunity, Recognition, Interaction and Modelling a simple guide to help you make the most out of your play and development time with your children.

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