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Health and Physical Development

Join us this term in exploring your child’s Health and Physical Development. We will be looking at fun ways to learn about and experience a number of different topics from exploring food, musical movement to building a brain!

Building a Brain

Just like building a house, constructing a brain needs to be an orderly process.
1. There is a phase for constructing neural pathways.
2. Then, those pathways are pruned down to the ones that are most useful.
3. Children also develop circuits, or links, between the pathways.
The brain makes decisions about which pathways and circuits to keep, based on the child’s experiences, meaning that children’s experiences shape the foundation for their brain.
The process begins very early, well before birth, and the foundation that is laid is fundamental. Just as if you build a house on a shaky foundation it affects the whole building, if you build a brain on a poor foundation – for example, one that’s interrupted by significant and sustained stress – then it affects that child’s whole life.

Watch this short video – How a child’s brain develops through early experiences

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